The Laughing Owl Press

when you're hot, you're hot!


July. You used to know her as the month to celebrate our great nation's independence. Now you can also mark down on your calander the first anniversary of the Laughing Owl Press. That's right, 12 months ago we headed on down to the courthouse to register the business, and now 12 months later we are celebrating our best month in gross sales. Also noted, the month with least amount of free time to date. Techincally, a good thing. 

The end of July has been hot weatherwise too. Stinkin hot. A perfect time to be standing next to a boiling pot of water, trying to steam the resistance out of cotton paper. This may seem like a strange thing, but here at the LOP we are all about lasting impressions....get it? Immmpressions? Steaming the paper gives a deeper impression! Despite the virtual sauna, we were able to print the very finest wedding invitations to hit the press . Here, a sneak peek of what edge coating some 220lb lettra will get you...more pictures of the invites will follow.

We have also added a few improvements to the website recently. More info, easier navigation, and some sweet woodgrain. Looking ahead, we are hoping for another prosperous year of growth, wine drinking, and some awesome letterpress printing!