The Laughing Owl Press

Ideas are for sharing

Joe LanichComment

When we started The Laughing Owl Press a little over a year ago I had dreams of our business being different. I wanted to create products and designs and not have them constrained by copyright and patents. I was inspired by the open source electronic hardware movement heralded by companies like Adafruit Industries and others. I wanted to release our work under a Creative Commons license so others could add to it and allow our ideas to grow and expand. 

But I failed. 

It is scary having a new business. You have no money, no customers, and even more no money. Giving away your designs feels like the craziest thing you can do. It seems like it could lead to maximum no money, instead of the comfortable minimum no money I have learned to love. It is crazy.

Crazy like a fox. 

So today I would like to burst through the walls at the LOP and live up to the dream I had when we started our business. Our first product to be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license is going to be our LOP ink knife holder. 

You can find information and design files for the LOP ink knife holder here. I hope you can build on our ideas and make something even greater. If you would prefer to buy one already made you can find it in our shop.

Be on the look out soon for more designs to be released via Creative Commons. 

Keep fighting the good fight!