Letterpress Design Tips: Two Sided Printing

There are some restrictions when it comes to two sided letterpress printing.  We typically recommend using only heavier weight papers (such as our 2-ply cotton stock) when printing both sides because of the deep impression that is a hallmark of modern letterpress printing. When printing on a thinner paper (such as our 1-ply cotton stock) the impression on the front of the print will show through on the back. This show-through is a non issue on single sided projects, but becomes paramount on two sided projects and needs to be avoided.

 Another thing to keep in mind when printing both sides of a project is that the second side printed tends to compress the first side, minimizing the impression on the first side. We will always print the "feature" side last to allow for the deepest and most crisp deboss on the most important side.  If you have a preference for which side should be printed last, please make sure you specify when ordering.

Best Practices

  • For two sided projects use a thick paper stock such as our double thick cotton.
  • Specify the side you would like the most impression on when ordering two sided projects. 
double side.JPG