Artwork File Requirements

File Format

 Our favorite program for artwork creation is Adobe Illustrator.  In house we use Adobe CC and prefer .ai, .pdf (editable), or .eps vector files. 

File Preparation

  1. If available, begin with one of our layout templates.  Our templates already have the appropriate color book and layout layers preset. 
  2. Have a look at our Tips for Letterpress Design page for best practices when designing for letterpress printing. 
  3. Place each piece / side on it's own art board.  We do not require a separate file for each side or piece. 
  4. Color separate your artwork and place each color on it's own layer.  Overlapping colors will be printed as such.  Letterpress inks are semi transparent and overlapping colors will create a new color at the overlap. 
  5. Specify colors from the Pantone Solid Uncoated color book, no CMYK.  It is best practice to choose colors from a physical Pantone guide as monitors will not accurately render all colors.  We will color match to a Pantone guide at press. 
  6. Make sure all artwork is in vector format with no embedded images (use "Live Trace" if needed).
  7. It is best practice to keep line weights above .25pt.  Watch text bodies and serifs. 
  8. Use appropriate tools from the Pathfinder toolbar for vector creation. 
  9. Outline all text ("Type->Create Outlines").
  10. Outline all Strokes ("Object->Path->Outline Stroke").
  11. Save file as an .ai, editable .pdf, or .eps with a unique name for easy identification ( such as "Jane Smith" NOT "wedding")