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Design, fine, wine. There's a reason why they rhyme.

We’re old-school-new-school. We’ve taken an ancient craft and made it cool again. Or rather, we’re simply upholding the letterpress “cool factor.” While we’re at it, we’re delivering amazing products to clients who respect craftsmanship. (And cool factors.)

Letterpress is our wheelhouse, of course, but we also work with clients on design. Really cool design, paired with our process, can bring your business to life. Our business is a conversation point. And we bet yours is too. We love talking letterpress, and we love talking to other people dedicated to their craft. Bring us your project, shoptalk, and love of oddly specific things.

We are always happy to work with clients that need design support. It makes our hearts skip a beat.

Design time? Here's a Bit About Our Process.

Gather your Inspiration:

Tell us about your project and send us any artboards, sketches, or images that help describe your vision. Drop us an email at


We’ll take a look at your files and respond with an estimate of time and budget, along with a design contract.


Upon digitally signing the design contract you are giving your consent to all design fees and agreements and you will receive an invoice for a nonrefundable design retainer of $100. If you are interested in moving forward with letterpress printing once your design is complete, please refer to our printing process information.

Learn more about the letterpress process, the Owls, and our FAQs.

“Working with other graphic designers is a pleasure. Not only do we get to see and learn from their great artwork, but they always move us to improve and stretch our abilities.”


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Bleed: Artwork that extends beyond the finished edge of a printed piece.