City of Kane

a love letter

Kane–what can I say? You get me.

I’m just a guy that loves letterpress. In our industry, we could have landed anywhere in the world and sold our products online. But you’ve given us something that “anywhere” couldn’t possibly have given us. You gave us a “here.” You taught two kids from rural Pennsylvania that it’s ok to come back home–because living and working right “here” made our dreams a reality.

Here in Kane, PA we are raising our sons in a community that is welcoming, artistic, fun, and wildly weird. Here we were able to afford to live and realize our vision through each monumental stage of our business. From our garage in Kushequa to our shop Fraley Street, we had friends, family, and a community to lean on.

Andrea and I believe in keeping the presses going. Letterpress will live as long as we have a say in it. Much like the revitalization of our little town, we’re in the business of bringing life to things that time has forgotten–because it matters. It matters in Kane, it matters to us, and frankly, it matters to humanity.

This guy that loves letterpress also really loves this town. Thanks for having us.


PA Wilds

The Laughing Owl Press got a lot of help along the way. Our relationship with Tataboline Enos and the nonprofit PA Wilds Center, which is helping to revitalize our beautiful PA Wilds region, has proven to be one of those bonds for which we will forever be grateful. We met in the early days of our respective endeavors and encouraged each other to keep reaching for the stars.
The Center’s PA Wilds Media Lab is now just above the Laughing Owl’s shop floor. Together, we’ll continue to share and promote our love of Kane and rural Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Wilds Logo Artwork

Joe’s Top 14

Kane Main Street painting



Kane Area Development Center produced the “100 Days of Kane” video project. It is amazing. 100 consecutive days of Facebook live interviews about Kane. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you be moved by the pride in this community.

100 Days of Kane


KARE for Kane day

Over 650 volunteers, in a town of 3,700, for a day of community volunteering. Want to rake leaves with your business banker or paint a park bench with some elementary school students? This is the day!

Kare for Kane Event


General Kane

A renowned Civil War general and progressive, our town’s namesake, and the "OG" who fought for the oppressed. The Kane family is an ever-present source of direction and pride for the community.

Kane Historic Preservation Society


Dr. McCleery Lobo Wolves

McCleery is the father of the American endangered species movement. He saved the Great Plains Buffalo wolves (lobo) starting in 1921 from being hunted into extinction by raising and breeding them in a Kane borough neighborhood…and you thought your neighbor was up to something.

McCleery Wolf Center
Dr. McCleery with three wolves.



West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund – our neighbors who are doing great things with their Passive House project in Kane. I dig how they are trying to pivot and make real change for communities via energy conservation.



Lobo Fitness

They keep this dad-bod in tip-top form. They make me do burpees and I hate them, but they always have cold beer for after-workout recovery. Ask Jill for a business card, and then admire it. I may know where she got them.

Lobo Fitness


Pepe’s Pizza

Great pizza and grub. Mary keeps us well fed and is critical to our continued membership at Lobo Fitness. Our boys refer to Pepe’s as the “Pizza Store.” For some LOP flair, their gift certificates are top-notch.

Pepe's Pizza
Table 105 Taproom & Eatery Picture


Table 105

Riki took a chance on Kane with his restaurant, and it has paid off. His food is authentic, interesting, and delicious. Table 105 is a must-stop when you are visiting Kane.

Table 105
Table 105 Taproom & Eatery Picture


CJ Spirits

Sam and Jonesy were one the firsts to open a distillery in PA. They are good friends and have a great brunch on Sundays. Nothing like scotch eggs and Mules on a Sunday morning. Am I right? Check out their coasters and a few of their labels for LOP influence.

CJ Spirits


Logyard Brewing

Local brewery that focuses on HYPERLOCAL. They pride themselves on sourcing as many ingredients as possible locally. I recommend Proper Notch for an evening of happiness and regretting the things you said. The LOP even designed several of their labels.

Logyard Brewing


Kane Family Drive-in

Yeah, we still have a drive-in theater in Kane, PA. Welcome to Americana, USA. The Watts family owns and operates the drive-in with a focus on family and fun. In the summer make sure to attend Squatchfest - their Sasquatch-themed music festival.

Kane Family Drive-in


Alex Bond Photography

Alex is another superhero in Kane's creative scene. Beyond being "Miles Davis" cool, he is always thinking about the next perfect shot. Working with many regional brands, he specializes in jaw-dropping commercial photography.

Alex Bond Photography


Kids Learning Center

Let’s face it, all of this community development and business growth takes a lot of time and focus. We are thrilled that we have the support of a great daycare and preschool like Kids Learning Center. Cassie and her staff are helping to shape the next generation of dreamers, leaders, and do-ers. They are, quite literally, a national treasure.

Kids Learning Center


Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Helping to fund dreams – PA entrepreneurs like us benefit from the guidance and opportunities that they provide. From tech to a new website, we couldn't have done it without a little more jingle in our pockets. The LOPCo is proud to be a Ben Franklin company.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners