Chipboard Craft Coaster with Gold Letters

The Beauty of Chipboard Coasters

We love coasters around here. Can you tell? Let us tell you why chipboard is one of our favorite coaster materials.

A good drink coaster can be one of the most useful tools in a bartender’s arsenal. It’s the difference between pouring a drink and presenting one. It serves a purpose and is a piece of art. A coaster will still be there long after the drink is finished, and can be taken home to be used again or to remember catching up with an old friend over a beer or two. All of these and more are pushed to the next level when opting for a letterpress coaster, especially a chipboard letterpress coaster. Here’s Why:


It’s always a great feeling when someone puts a drink in front of you, but it’s an even better feeling when you see the drink being poured or mixed. This is where the excitement builds! In this moment it’s the little things that matter most. Watching mint being muddled for a mojito, or letting a Guinness rest before it’s served. During this period of bar limbo, the only thing you have is the longing for that first sip. That is until a coaster is placed in front of you. Once you get your coaster there is no doubt about what is about to happen. That simple, yet tasteful piece of stock is your claim, and nobody else’s. Then your beverage is placed on your coaster, this is the moment you have been waiting for!

The coaster may be a small step, but an important one. It's the difference between your crush telling you their phone number to put in your phone and them writing it down along with a short note and having your hands touch when they give it to you… all the difference.

Functional Art

 A coaster has 2 main jobs; to keep your drink in place without getting the bar wet, and to be visually engaging. Chipboard coasters do both of these especially well. Chipboard is a sturdy paper/cardboard hybrid made from recycled materials. This has many advantages, one of which is since chipboard is made from recycled paper it not only makes it about 40% cheaper than using traditional coaster stock, it makes it more sturdy. It can get wet and not crumble and fall apart after a few drinks. Also, who doesn’t like saving a tree?!

Another advantage to using chipboard is its rugged, earthy look that can be dressed up or down. It can be the focus or the canvas. You can use a simple logo in a single color and because of chip board’s grainy texture, it will be more visually appealing and make you want to actually use it. Or it can be taken in the other direction, especially when a metallic foil is pressed onto it. The natural matte look of chipboard, whether it is a natural or ebony color, is an excellent contrast to a reflective eye-catching design. Chipboard also has a knack for making foil pop and really stand out. Not only does the material complement color, but the physical impression left on them is also very soothing to get your hands on it and feel the recessed print from the press. That, and they just look different from the average coaster!

A Take-Home Reminder

Perhaps the most important benefit of a good coaster is that it can be taken home! If a patron enjoys their visit to your establishment, they will most likely remember it and maybe even tell a friend about it. Now, if said patron can take a small token home with them they are guaranteed to remember their visit. Coasters are perfect for this because when they get home chances are the coaster will end up on a home bar or coffee table. This means they can be on display and seen often as well as be left out for the company to see and ask about! It is hard to find another method of brand marketing with the level of use and lasting impression you get for the money that a great letterpress coaster will produce. When it comes to chipboard coasters, you definitely get the most bang for your buck!

The Beauty

All in all, there are plenty of reasons chipboard coasters are the way to go. They are functional, eco-friendly, and they look great! The true beauty here, though, is the impression they make. Sure, a great drink is what you will be focused on, but the coaster is what will make you remember it. It is the visual representation and memory of your beverage experience. It’s the ticket stub from the time you saw your favorite band, a small token that can spark conversation long after its initial use. This is the lasting beauty of a chipboard letterpress coaster.