Subscription Box Ideas


Recently we got to work on a pretty cool project, The Laughing Owl made a few thousand beer themed coaster box sets for the mail order gift box company Man Crates. Each set included six coasters and a box that were all letterpress. Each coaster was a style of beer, stout, pilsner, lager, salmon, hefeweizen, and India pale ale. Each flavor was designed to reflect the beer’s unique qualities. This was an all-encompassing job for us. There was ink, foil, head scratching, and a lot of meticulous man hours. In the end we made some pretty great coaster box sets that will go on to be a part of many manly gift crates!

Letterpress is a great option for subscription boxes or any direct mail gift boxes. Coaster box sets are the best example, but there are also things like notebooks, note card and greeting card sets, and even wine glass stem tags for the wine of the month club! Letterpress is all about taking mundane paper products and turning them into something worth keeping and sharing with friends and family.Since its paper it makes letterpress ideal to be sent through the mail.

straub coaster set.JPG

No matter the nature of the subscription box there is always a fitting letterpress product. Coasters are great for anything food and beverage related, notebooks work for anything from children’s gifts to writing focused gifts and even something outdoor or sportsman themed. Greeting card sets are a great gift idea because not only are they gifts themselves, but they can be shared with loved ones. Greeting card sets are literally the gift that keeps on giving!

When it comes down to it, letterpress is the way to go when looking for something to include in your subscription boxes. There are few other ways to get a hand crafted work of art in your package while not taking up much space and weighing practically nothing. The best place to help your monthly box get its letterpress fix is of course The Laughing Owl Press. There is no job too big or small and our experienced team of designers and printers have the skill and attention to detail that will resonate with the customer and make them look forward to next month’s arrival! 

subscription box pic.JPG