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Wedding Planning During the Pandemic

Planning a wedding during the pandemic? We've got advice, and more importantly, we've got your back. We're ready and willing to help.

We get it. We’re with you. Postponing a wedding is not something you would wish on your worst enemy, yet here we are. To help, we’ve pulled together some advice on planning a wedding during the Covid-19 pandemic, and here are the cliff notes:

Act fast, remember that lots of couples are adjusting their timelines, and venues and vendors will quickly fill up. If you’re postponing or considering it, speak with us now! We like to think we make the invitation process the easiest part of wedding planning, and during these tough times, it’s no different.

What to do?

Your main goal right now is to stay safe and healthy. Don’t let this time affect what should be happy planning time. If you do make the call to reschedule, and if you’re in quarantine with time on your hands, a graceful touch would be to send handwritten notes that correspond to your invitation suite to your guests. It might take a couple of hours a day for a week, but wouldn’t it be nice to let your guests know they are loved? People will be even happier to attend your wedding knowing you reached out to them during this time in an elegant and thoughtful way.

Many late summers and early autumn dates are booked, but the industry’s top planners are still advising to opt for a new date this year, rather than further ahead, so you don’t lose momentum. Who says a weekday wedding can’t work? Try considering less popular dates as an alternative to weekends. Luxury and celebrity photographer Christian Oh says “Be willing to host an event mid-week, on off-peak dates, like Monday through Thursday.

Send new save the dates if you’re postponing a wedding that was originally scheduled to take place eight months or more away, or if you are postponing until the next year.

Some examples for wording save-the-dates when postponing a wedding: ”We regret to inform you that the wedding of Jane Keller and John Cunningham will not take place as scheduled, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please save the new date of (insert date). Formal invitation to follow.”


”Due to Covid-19, we have decided to reschedule our wedding to now take place on (insert date). Invitation and details to follow.”

If you’ve already sent save the dates, but have not mailed formal invitations, you should personally notify your guests of the change, as well as include information about the wedding postponement with your invitations.

One example of how to word invitations for a postponed event is: The marriage of Ms. Jane Ann Doe and Mr. John Steven Smith has been postponed until Saturday, the tenth of March Two Thousand and Twenty One at half past five o’clock Springfield Country Club 123 Spruce Drive Reception and dancing to follow

For invitations going out in the coming months, some couples are including a note about a possible postponement and advising guests that the date may have to change.

If you are postponing your wedding by six months or less and have already sent invitations, resend your invitations. Postponing warrants a phone call, but etiquette suggests you also postpone formally with something in the mail. Ask about our “Re-Invitations” to save on the expense of a full suite.