Letterpress hangtags for Infuse and Asteroid

Don’t Get Hung Up On Hang Tags, Go Letterpress

Hang tags, can be a statement about quality and care. Boost your product appeal with a simple packaging punch.

Hang tags are one of those things that can say a lot without actually saying much. Sometimes they are the only thing that connects a product to where it was bought. Especially for any type of boutique store where products are usually unique and might not have a brand clearly labeled. In this situation, a hang tag becomes a business card. A simple run of the mill, white tag with a price sticker on it is straight to the point but also says “not much effort went into this." When a product is labeled with a quality tag it can show that time and care went into designing not only the tag itself but the product as well. Utilizing letterpress hang tags is a great way to step up your packaging game without going over the top. Imagine you are at the store and you are looking for a bottle of bourbon to take to a get-together with old friends. There are usually a few to choose from, but you are looking for a conversation starter. You could go for a standard, or you could show up with the single barrel with a bottled date stamped on an impressive letterpress tag that is tied to the bottle. If you’re trying to make an impression, the choice is clear. Letterpress is all about creating a high-quality product while using subtle designs. It can speak volumes without being too much. It relays your message in the classiest way possible. What better way to present your product to its potential buyer than with a letterpress hang tag?