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Do’s & Don’ts for Announcing Your Engagement

Getting married, huh? Take it from us, announcements are a big deal. Do it right!

Congrats! You’re engaged! You’re in love and want to shout it from the rooftops! Here are a few do’s and don’ts we’ve gathered from our own experience, friends, customers of The Laughing Owl Press, and the endless vortex of social media.

Don’t: Shout it from your rooftop. For starters, you could fall and injure yourself. Or be arrested for disturbing the peace.

Do: Have fun sharing the news, at your own pace! Many choose to privately share it with the “inner circle” first before the big Internet announcement. Once that post goes live, expect a flurry of well-wishers commenting your way!

Don’t: Make it all about the ring. There’s no shame in wanting to flaunt a beautiful diamond, but remember the ring is just a symbol. For a good laugh, read up on the history of the De Beers ad campaign from 1947 that ingrained our brains with the idea that “Diamonds are Forever.”

Do: Feel free to show off your bling on social media (without detailing the carats!), but include a personal photo as well.

Don’t: Try to stage an elaborate proposal in the hopes your wedding engagement video might go viral. Sure, it’s cool to have a viral video, but real moments are just way awesome.

Do: Resist the pressure to live feed or take/share a video of your entire proposal. It’s a personal choice if you want to video your proposal. It’s a big moment, and we all want to preserve life milestones as best as we can. But there’s no comparison to just living in the moment, taking in the sweetness of a fleeting moment. Ok, that sounds pretty corny, but you get the gist.

Don’t: Start planning your wedding the day after you get engaged and make the announcement.

Do: Take a little time to yourself to enjoy the thought of “I’m engaged!” before jumping into wedding planning. Spread the good news. Catch yourself staring at your hand or your beloved’s hand for a ring that wasn’t there before. Take at least a few weeks to enjoy being and having a fiancée. Wedding planning is exciting, but it can be stressful. Oh yeah, did we mention we can help with some of that stress?

When you do jump into the planning, know that we’re here to help coordinate all your wedding stationery essentials, from letterpress invitation suites, to save the date coasters and cards, favors, reception menus, and more. Disclaimer: Most blogs have some kind of hidden or direct sales pitch. Here at The Laughing Owl, we like to be upfront with our customers.

Now, Happy Engagement Announcing, and Congratulations!